Leaked Fortnite Season 6 Spider Skins, Gliders & Backblings – V6.10 Leaks

Spider skins are coming to Fortnite. No, not Spiderman, but actual spider themed skins. The skins have been data mined by Reddit users when patch V6.10 was released. Along with the skins being leaked there were also spider backblings, gliders, and more. Take a look at the Fortnite season 6 spider leaks below.

Fortnite Spider Leaks - V6.10 Leaks
Fortnite Spider Leaks – V6.10 Leaks

Arachne (Legendary)

Weave a web to victory

Arachne (Legendary)

Spider Knight  (Legendary)

They’ll fall into your web

Spider Knight

Guan Yu

Loyalty and bravery at all times

Guan Yu

Onesie (Rare)

Smash that snooze button


Onesie Rare Skin

Moonrise (Epic)

Strike at midnight

Moonrise Epic Pickaxe

Web Breaker (Rare)

Clear out the cobwebs

Web Breaker Rare Pickaxe

Guandao (Rare)

Sharpened for battle

Guandao Rare Pickaxe


Along came a glider

Hatchling Glider

Divine Dragon

Sail through the clouds, and row toward victory

Divine Dragon Glider

Long Legs

Stretch your legs

long legs glider

Spider Shield

Spun from the endless strands

spider shield backbling

Loyal Shield

Dependable as always

loyal shield backbling

These leaked Fortnite Season 6 skins, backblings and gliders have not been confirmed by Epic Games yet. These items were data-mined from the V6.10 patch.

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