Leaked Fortnite NFL Player & Ref Skins, Emotes, Gliders – Season 6

The NFL and referee skins have been leaked with the latest season 6 update. You are able to customize the NFL skin to match any of the 32 NFL teams. The NFL and Epic Games announced yesterday that they would be partnering to put NFL content in-game. With the partnership it appears Epic has placed the football goal post in-game along with a male and female referee.


Spike (Epic)

Throw it on the ground


NFL Male - Spike

Juke (Epic)

Leave them in your dust

NFL Female - Juke

Striped Soldier (Uncommon)

Call it like you see it

Male Referee - Striped Soldier

Whistle Warrior (Uncommon)

Throw a flag on the play

Female Referee - Whistle Warrior

A.I.M. (Legendary)

Scanning area for targets

A.I.M. Skin


Interceptor (Epic)

Take what’s theirs



Upright Axe (Rare)

It’s up, and it’s good!

Upright Axe

First Downer (Uncommon)

10 yards to victory

First Downer Pickaxe

A.X.E. (Rare)

Perfectly programmed pick

a-x-e pickaxe

Golden Pigskin (Uncommon)

Claim the trophy

golden-pigskin pickaxe

Back Bling

E.L.I.M. (Legendary)

Increment elimination count


Like all leaks these are yet to be confirmed in game. These are data-mined from the in-game files when downloading the update.

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