How to Unlock Zombie Characters in Call of Duty Blackout

The Chaos Crew is now unlock-able in Call of Duty Blackout. The Chaos Crew consists of 4 Zombie like skins that are now available in Blackout mode. To unlock the skins players will need to complete certain challenges. Each challenge is unique and will need to be completed within the Blackout game mode to unlock the respective character. The four zombie characters that can be unlocked for use in Blackout are Scarlett, Diego, Shaw and Bruno. The items you need to find to unlock each character can be found by killing and looting zombies, or at the Blightfather in the Graveyard.

Unlock Zombie Characters Scarlett, Diego, Shaw & Bruno in Blackout:


  1. Find the Racing Googles & Scarf and finish the match with them in your inventory.
  2. Kill an enemy with a vehicle.

Note: To kill an enemy with a vehicle it’s easiest to use the ATV. Note that running over a downed player does not count.


How to Unlock Diego

  1. Find Pulp Magazine and finish the match with it in your inventory.
  2. Kill (Solo) / Down (Co-op) 1 enemy with a headshot


How to unlock Shaw in Blackout

  1. Find Alchamal Set and finish the match with it in your inventory.
  2. Kill 2 enemies with either a wraith fire or acid bomb.


How to unlock Bruno in Blackout

  1. Find Mug Shot and finish the match with it in your inventory.
  2. Down an enemy with a melee attack

Note: It is suggested to use the brawler perk. The brawler perk allows you to one hit melee kill players even if they have armor.

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