How To Drop Faster in Apex Legends (Land First)

In the popular battle royale game Apex Legends landing fast is a key part to the early game. The players that land first have a better chance of finding a weapon before other players that land nearby. By perfecting the way you jump not only will you be able to land faster, but you can also cover more area on the map by flying. Unlike some battle royale games, you do not want to take a straight path to the location you plan on landing at. You want to drop gain speed and then travel to the location you are looking for. By following the diagram below you will be able to cover roughly 1,000m.

Keep in mind that if you can it is ideal to drop straight down. Dropping vertically straight down will always get you to the ground faster than if you were gliding outwards horizontally.

How To Land Faster in Apex Legends

Best Way to Drop in Apex Legends (Drop Faster)
Best Way to Drop in Apex Legends (Drop Faster) – Source: Reddit
  • Drop straight down until you reach a speed of roughly 145 (Some players have reported 140 as a better speed to drop to vs. 145)
  • Glide horizontally until you are going between 130-135
  • Drop straight down to gain more speed
  • Glide outwards to make sure you will reach your destination
  • Drop straight down on your destination
Apex Legends Speed VS. Altitude
Apex Legends Speed VS. Altitude


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