Fortnite Cube Melts Into Loot Lake (Video) – Bouncy Lake!

Fortnite Loot Lake After Cube

For quite a while now a giant purple cube has been making its way around the map in Fortnite. Today the cube made its way through tilted and towards loot lake. After making its way to loot lake the cube fell into the lake and appeared to melt. After melting loot lake is now bouncy, and easy to cross. Previously the lake was slow and players had to build over it to make it across quickly. Now players can just bounce across in a matter of seconds.

Fortnite Cube Falling Into Loot Lake Making it Bouncy:


Video Bouncing on Loot Lake: (via @Chaosxsilencer)

Bouncing & Shooting on Bouncy Loot Lake: (Via @CourageJD playing with @Ninja)

After playing around with the lake for a while players have noticed things like grenades, sticky bombs, ATK’s, and shopping carts bounce all over the lake.


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