Fake Drake Shouts Racist N-Words at Ninja During Ellen Charity Stream

Ninja Fake Drake Racist

On November 23, 2018 Ninja partnered with The Ellen Fund to raise money for charity. Donations to the stream were being given to the Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund to support global conservation efforts for critically endangered species.

During the stream Ninja was playing a duos (where you have one other person on your team in the game) game with “Duddus647”. The reason that Ninja referred to him as a “fake Drake” was because Drake’s gamertag is actually “TheBoyDuddus”. After playing for a couple of minutes Ninja and Duddus647 get a kill. Thats when things took a turn for the worse as Duddus647 started shouting racist words into his headset for more than 50,000 live viewers.

After hearing the racism Ninja immediately left the game and party.

Fake Drake Racist During Ninja Charity Stream

Warning the below clip is NSFW


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