Everything we know about Baptiste’s abilities, newest hero to Overwatch

Overwatch has officially announced that hero 30, Baptiste, is coming to Overwatch. The hero was officially announced on the Overwatch Twitter account with tagline “Mobilize alongside the combat medic who made the shrewd decision to make the world a better place, one bandage… or bullet at a time: Baptiste”. The tagline alone lets players know that Baptiste will be a healer, with potential for damage output.

Baptiste – Overwatch Hero 30 Announcement Video

The announcement video was also released on YouTube. The video we have gotten the most details about Baptiste from is the announcement video from the Overwatch Poland channel. In the videos comments people started asking questions, and the official Overwatch Poland account started answering them. The questions don’t give away the exact abilities or kit of Baptiste but hint towards what they could be.

Baptiste – Hints Regarding Abilities

Original Polish responses and their English translation:

“Nie ma się czego bać – Baptiste ma zdecydowanie inny arsenał niż Żołnierz: 76 i gra się nim zupełnie wyjątkowo :)”

Don’t worry – Baptiste has definitely other arsenal than Soldier’s: 76 and playing him is totally unique. 🙂

“No może nie będzie tak dosłownie rozdawał apteczek, ale leczy całkiem srogo”

Maybe he wont’t giveaway health packs literally but his healing is quite huge.

Pole’s theory: “biotic grenade launcher heals teammates and hurts enemies. Like Ana’s biotic grenade”

Overwatch PL: “Coś w tym jest ;)” -> You’re near true 😉

Comment: I am betting that his weapon is a machine gun with a big clip but it also looks like a grenade launcher

Overwatch PL response: It can always be two in one

Comment: Seems to be an interesting character. […] I have a feeling that another doctor is coming.

Overwatch PL: Definitely a doctor but also able to provide fire support and increase the team’s potential. More info soon!

Comment: My theory – an S76-ish rifle but a lighter version of it (something better than Sombra’s weapon but not as good as S76’s)

Overwatch PL: Very interesting theory – there’s a grain of truth there! Soon you will find out which of your leads was a good one.

Source: Reddit

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