CWL London Day 2 Bracket, Schedule and Streams – Call of Duty World League

Day 2 of the Call of Duty World League is set to start on April 4, 2019. After group play on day 1, day 2 will begin the bracket stage of CWL London. The bracket stage on day 2 will start off at 6:00 AM PST as 8 teams from winners bracket and 8 teams in loser’s bracket will battle it out for their shot at making it to Sunday’s finals bracket. The teams that begin Saturday in winner’s bracket are OpTic Gaming, FaZe Clan, Team Heretics, Splyce, eUnited, 100 Thieves, Gen.G esports, and UYU.

CWL London Bracket

After the CWL London day 1 group play results the brackets sit as follows. Teams entering bracket play in the winners bracket will be given a second life in loser’s bracket should they drop a series. However, teams that begin in loser’s bracket will be eliminated by losing a series.

CWL London Day 2 Schedule

The 2nd day of CWL London is set to take place on Saturday April 4, 2019. The day will feature majority of the bracket play, winners round 1 and 2 will be played along with losers round 1 – 3. Teams that advance further than winners round 2 or losers round 3 will move on to Sunday. The day is set to begin at 6:00 AM PST.

Round Team 1 Team 2 Time Result
WR1 eunited logoeUnited 100 Thieves 6:00 AM PST 0-3
WR1 Gen.G UYU 6:00 AM PST 3-0
LR1 Evil Geniuses Reciprocity 6:00 AM PST 1-3
LR1 Denial Midnight 6:00 AM PST 1-3
WR1 OpTic FaZe 7:30 AM PST 3-0
WR1 Heretics Splyce 7:30 AM PST 3-1
LR1 Enigma6 Envy 7:30 AM PST 1-3
LR1 Elevate Luminosity 7:30 AM PST 2-3
LR2 UYU Reciprocity 9:00 AM PST 1-3
LR2 eunited logoeUnited Midnight 9:00 AM PST 3-2
LR2 Splyce Envy 9:00 AM PST 1-3
LR2 FaZe Luminosity 9:00 AM PST 2-3
WR2 100 Thieves Gen.G 10:30 AM PST 3-2
LR3 Reciprocity eunited logoeUnited 10:30 AM PST 1-3
WR2 OpTic Herteics 12:00 PM PST 3-0
LR3 Envy Luminosity 12:00 PM PST 3-2

CWL London Streams





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