Crossbow, Vector & Infected Leaked in Modern Warfare Patch Files

Modern Warfare Crossbow Leaked

After Modern Warfare’s most recent patch data miners were able to uncover upcoming weapons and game modes. The leaks come from credible sources who have leaked previous Modern Warfare information in the past.

The first weapon that was leaked was the “Crossbow”. The crossbow has been in previously Call of Duty’ such as Black Ops 2, but was always considered more of a casual weapon. Based on the Modern Warfare crossbow leaks it appears as if it may be the same thing, a decent but not competitively viable secondary weapon.

Leaked Crossbow Secondary:

In addition to the Crossbow within the previous patches game files data miners were able to find a “Vector”. The Vector eventually became one of the most popular weapons in Call of Duty Ghosts, a Call of Duty made by the same developers as Modern Warfare. In previous Call of Duty’s the Vector had a fast rate of fire, high damage output and could shoot long distances.

Leaked Vector Sub Machine Gun:

In the leaked Vector game play video above, it appears as if the rate of fire for the Vector has been reduced. Keep in mind, the video appears to show the Vector without any weapon attachments enabled. In the video you can see the mid range damage appears to still be high.

The last major leak to come from the latest Modern Warfare patch is the return of popular game type “Infected”. Infected was a free for all sort of game type where the game would start with 16+ players, 1 of which would be infected. The infected player would run around the map with a combat knife and throwing knife. If the infected player eliminated a non-infected player they would switch sides to infected and try to eliminate more players. The game would end when either everybody was infected, or players could try and win by being surviving the time limit without getting infected.

In the leak you can see that options for the popular game type have started showing up in Custom Lobby settings.

Leaked Infected Game Mode:

Keep in mind that all of these leaks are just speculation. Each item (Vector, Crossbow, Infected) can not be confirmed that it is coming to Modern Warfare. However, based on previous leaks there is a really high chance you can see these items being introduced to Modern Warfare sooner rather than later.

Leaks: Mr JaRni

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