CouRage Leaves Twitch for YouTube

CouRage Switches to YouTube

Popular Fortnite and various title streamer known as CouRage has left Twitch for live streaming competitor YouTube. The announcement was made on November 4, 2019 that CouRage would be switching to YouTube Gaming as a live streaming platform with plans for his first YouTube live stream on November 5, 2019. The announcement was made via a YouTube video that CouRage stars in featuring his 100 Thieves teammates Nadeshot and Valkyrae. In the announcement that you can watch below, CouRage acts out popular TV skits while teasing his team mates about leaving them.

The announcement that CouRage will be streaming on YouTube may come as quite a shock for some fans. Rumors regarding the massive influencers future had been swirling with many believing CouRage would be joining Ninja and Shroud on Mixer. The transition away from Twitch to YouTube is another major loss for Twitch as they continue to lose their biggest names. Recently, Twitch has seen their audience decrease as massive influencers like Ninja, Shroud and more leave for Microsoft’s live-streaming platform known as Mixer.

CouRage’s switch to YouTube marks YouTube Gaming’s first official “signing” or “acquisition” of another streamer from another major competitor. By signing CouRage they will be looking to grow based on CouRage’s massive fan base which includes 1.1 million Twitter followers, 1.6 million Instagram followers and previous exposure to almost 38 million viewers on Twitch. The signing is noted as one of YouTube’s first major moves in signing live streamers says YouTube Gaming’s Global Head of Gaming Ryan “Fwiz” Wyatt:

Moving forward you can find CouRage live-streaming on his YouTube channel here.

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