Complete List of Roster Changes For Overwatch League Season 2 – OWL

After an impressive season 1 of Overwatch League teams are looking to bolster their rosters for season 2. For a shot to improve their roster teams have made changes from the players to the coaching staff. Some players have moved on from competing to become coaches, and others from players to content creators. Here is a complete list of Overwatch League Season 2 roster changes. 


Overwatch League Season 2 Player Roster Changes:

Team Additions Departures Extensions
Boston Uprising Kalios – Avast – Snow – Mistakes
Dallas Fuel Seagull – Cocco – Chipshajen aKm – EFFECT – HarryHook – Mickie – OGE – Taimou – uNKOE
Florida Mayhem Xepher CWoosH – Logix – Zebbosai – Manneten – Zuppeh – Zappis
Houston Outlaws Danteh FCTFCTN – Clockwork – Mendokusaii
London Spitfire TiZi – WooHyal – Hooreg – HaGoPeun
Los Angeles Gladiators Fissure – iRemiix – Asher – Silkthread
Los Angeles Valiant Kuki Verbo – Numlocked – Finnsi
New York Exelsior Janus
Philadelphia Fusion ShaDowBurn – Joemeister – Dayfly
San Francisco Shock Smurf Nomy – dhaK – IDDQD – Danteh
Seoul Dynasty Fissure Gambler – Miro – Gido – Wekeed – Xepher – Kuki
Shanghair Dragons Altering – Freefeel – Fiveking – Roshan – Xushu – Ado – Ski – Daemin
Washington DC Janus


Overwatch League Season 2 Coaching Roster Changes:

Team Additions Departures
Atlanta Casores – Silence – Danny – Dongmin
Boston Uprising Ji (Manager)
Chengdu Jane – Tikatee – Cocco Peak (Head Coach)
Dallas Fuel
Florida Mayhem
Houston Outlaws
London Spitfire Coach815 Changg
Los Angeles Gladiators
Los Angeles Valiant GrimReality
New York Excelsior WizardHyeong
Philadelphia Fusion
San Francisco Shock Harsha
Seoul Dynasty nuGget – Bubbly – Alwaysoov
Shanghai Dragons Kong – Nai8
Toronto Bishop
Washington DC WizardHyeong


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