Call of Duty Pros Helping Infinity Ward “Fix” Modern Warfare

Professional Call of Duty player “Attach” was caught on live stream stating that him and a couple people were going to help Infinity Ward “fix spawns”. Dillon “Attach” Price is a professional player for the New York Subliners and doesn’t mention exactly who will be joining other than the fact that it’s some additional pro players. It is unclear if the only help Infinity Ward is seeking is adjusting spawns or if there is more they will be doing. In the past, players have met with developers to try and improve balance, spawn locations, and weapon tuning.

One of the major problems people are encountering with the spawns in Modern Warfare is the ability to flip them. In previous titles if you and your team were to “push” or “take over” one side of the map essentially it the enemy spawn location would “flip” meaning they would spawn on the other side – where your team has no players. You can see in the example below that the spawns do not flip, and the team that was in the objective first continues to spawn on top of the objective and the enemies.

After recent criticism it appears Modern Warfare is taking the proper steps to improve their game for the inaugural Call of Duty League season. By asking the professional players for assistance, it looks like they are trying to improve the competitive landscape of Modern Warfare. However, by improving the competitive playing field it will also upset some of the more casual players. Hopefully, Infinity Ward can find a happy medium.

Along with spawn adjustments, many other changes are expected to come to Modern Warfare in the upcoming weeks. The first update is expected to contain stability improvements across all platforms, bug fixes, weapon tuning, footstep noises, claymores and more. The changes were noted by Ashton Williams, Sr. Communications Manager at Infinity Ward, on Twitter:

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