Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Esports Reveal Details & Key Notes

If you follow competitive Call of Duty I’m sure you are interested in this rules plan for the Call of Duty World League. If you don’t, to sum in up the Call of Duty World League is the competitive league or esports league that professional and amateur Call of Duty players compete in. Last year the Call of Duty World League gave away millions of dollars in prize money, brought in hundreds of thousands of viewers, and gave amateurs a chance to compete at the highest level and make a name for themselves.

This year there have been a lot of rumored changes to the Call of Duty World League in Black Ops 4. The first notable changed that has a lot of people feeling very indifferent is the change from 4v4 to 5v5 in competitive Call of Duty. Other notable changes that players are expectiving the be revealed are tournament locations, prize pools, changes to the Call of Duty pro season, and the process in which you punch your ticket to Call of Duty Champs. Champs is notably the biggest event of the year, and what all professional players set there eyes upon.

Here is a basic run down of this years Call of Duty Esports Reveal Livestream Notes:

  • Largest Prize Pool in Call of Duty History! $6 Million prize pool over the season
  • Competitive Call of Duty switches from 4v4 to 5v5
  • Top 12 teams from Stage 2 (Call of Duty World League 2017-2018) qualify for Call of Duty World League Las Vegas pool play
  • Relegation Tournament: 8 teams play for the remaining 4 Pool Play spots (based on WWII pro points)
  • Final 4 spots Pool Play for open bracket teams.
  • Top 4 teams at Call of Duty World League Vegas qualify for the Pro League.
  • Pro League LAN Qualifier to decided the 12 remaining Pro League spots.
  • Region based roster locks eliminated. (Rosters can be compiled of players from all different regions)
  • Top 28 teams below Top 4 @ Call of Duty World League Vegas will play in the LAN Qualifier
  • Pro League is only having 1 stage. 16 teams
  • 2019 Pro Season will have 2 divisions with 8 teams each. Divisions will compete against each other (Cross division play)
  • More “roster windows” to allow teams to change rosters.
  • Win bonus for every match. (Decrease throwing matches by giving each team incentive to win every match even if you are out of playoff contention).
  • Call of Duty World League Pro League starts in February of 2019
  • Call of Duty World League Pro League Finals (Previously Call of Duty World League Pro League Playoffs) will now be hosted in a major venue instead of Columbus, Ohio – allowing for more spectators.
  • Call of Duty World League will split professional & amateur competitors allowing amateur players to compete for separate prize pools.
  • Amateur League & Playoffs will serve as the last chance qualifier for Call of Duty Champs.


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