Blizzard Servers hit with DDoS Attacks

overwatch ddos, blizzard ddos

On June 8th, the Blizzard servers were hit with a massive DDoS attack. The DDoS attack kept Overwatch, World of Warcraft and other players from being able to access their accounts and play their favorite games. If you don’t know, a DDoS attack is essentially a ton of devices pinging servers over and over again causing them to crash and freeze up.

Blizzard said they were aware of the issue approximately 20 minutes after the attacks started. After some time, the servers came back online and things were up and running within an hour. Today, June 9th Blizzard acknowledged the attack in a Tweet:


However, even after the attack has ended many players are still having problems logging back in. The solution to login problems being given out to users is linked below: Blizzard Login Not Working June 2018

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