Blizzard Patches Overwatch on Last Day of Ranked Play Causing Disconnects – xQc Reaction

As most Overwatch players know, today is the last day of Season 11 Ranked Play. With less than 5 hours until the end of the season tons of players were grinding out the game to try and finish the season at a higher SR than they currently are. However, Blizzard decided to push a patch update prior to the season ending. The patch update caused lots of players to disconnect from the games they were currently in, and in turn lose 50 SR. There has been loads of posts on the Overwatch subreddit from people complaining, but nothing quite as hilarious as xQc reacting to the patch update:

Check out xQc reacting to the decision of Blizzard to push out an Overwatch update prior to the end of competitive season 11.


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