Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Servers Are Now 60hz, Up From 20hz

The Call of Duty Black Ops 4 multiplayer are now running at 60hz, huge improvement up from 20hz.


Previously, players were discouraged by the “slow” server tick rate of 20hz. This came as a surprise for players that had played the beta as the beta testers determined that servers were 60hz. The slower tick rate made the game feel less responsive. With the slower tick rate players were getting shot around corners more often, getting a worse hit detection, and playing what felt like an overall less responsive game.

After being 20hz for the first initial week of Black Ops 4 the multiplayer servers were then upgraded to 30hz. This was a move in the right direction, but overall still a downgrade from the beta that players had came to love.

Now, according to reddit user /u/soja92 the servers have been upgraded to run at 62hz. Soja92 conducted tests on both Playstation 4 and PC, it’s safe to assume that Xbox is currently also running at the 62hz tick rate. Blackout is still running at 20hz on both platforms – which is what it was running at in the beta. Blackout will probably remain at 20hz to minimize the load on the server from having up to 100 players pinging it.

Black Ops 4 Tick Rate Tests:


Tick Rate TDM PC - 62hz
Tick Rate TDM PC – 62hz
Tick Rate TDM PS4 - 62hz
Tick Rate TDM PS4 – 62hz
Blackout Tick Rate - PC 20hz
Blackout Tick Rate – PC 20hz

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