Most Popular Overwatch Team by Social Media Following

The Overwatch League or OWL is a professional esports league for the popular video game Overwatch. The league consists of 12 founding teams, and 8 expansion teams to form a league of 20 teams. Started in 2016, the OWL is one of esports first professional leagues to follow traditional professional sports by setting the teams home base in the city they will compete from.

There are many factors that determine which Overwatch team is the “most popular overwatch team”. From earnings, to player followings, to fan loyalty and so on – we just measure the teams social media following. By measuring the following fans can get a general idea on which teams are the most popular OWL teams.

Currently we are tracking Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook followers. The most popular Overwatch teams are ranked based on total followers of those social media platforms.

Most Popular Overwatch Team

Rank Image Team
1Dallas Fuel Social Media Following Dallas Fuel134,02583,33194,62518,6639,459340,103
2Seoul Dynasty Social Media Following Seoul Dynasty113,73478,66866,20925,11138,220321,942
3Houston Outlaws Social Media Following Houston Outlaws125,31778,75861,50415,3358,272289,186
4San Francisco Shock Social Media Following San Francisco Shock160,95377,36720,0419,19413,186280,741
5New York Excelsior Social Media Following New York Excelsior100,96973,67148,41110,17712,712245,940
6London Spitfire Social Media Following London Spitfire109,84069,52429,67610,8345,462225,336
7Los Angeles Valiant Social Media Following Los Angeles Valiant97,46560,88928,18910,9747,532205,049
8Los Angeles Gladiators Social Media Following Los Angeles Gladiators101,44048,15930,6698,3988,527197,193
9Philadelphia Fusion Social Media Following Philadelphia Fusion94,85260,40530,6197,5823,289196,747
10Boston Uprising Social Media Following Boston Uprising83,30352,31010,5967,6181,827155,654
11Shanghai Dragons Social Media Following Shanghai Dragons83,90139,2834,4164,0850131,685
12Florida Mayhem Social Media Following Florida Mayhem76,92631,2897,1264,8680120,209
13Atlanta Reign Social Media Following Atlanta Reign47,08836,17217,4511,859363102,933
14Paris Eternal Social Media Following Paris Eternal46,15324,8943,4321,4844,17380,136
15Toronto Defiant Social Media Following Toronto Defiant40,60025,1134,8971,1782,51574,303
16Vancouver Titans Social Media Following Vancouver Titans35,02619,6235,5767894,01965,033
17Washington Justice Social Media Following Washington Justice28,61714,911786494044,808
18Hangzhou Spark Social Media Following Hangzhou Spark40,98202,721505044,208
19Chengdu Hunters Social Media Following Chengdu Hunters24,68216,51000041,192
20 Guangzhou Charge Social Media Following Guangzhou Charge25,4819,9392,107201037,728
Last Updated: 02/19/2019 - This table updates periodically throughout the day. The data displayed are the averages for the entire day. To see a more exact count and detailed view please click on the organisations name.


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