Battalion 1944 Competitive Elo Stat Checker

Battalion 1944 & FACEIT

Competitive Battalion 1944 players are tracked by two measurements, FACEIT division, and FACEIT elo. The elo is your true rank, and is what is used when matchmaking for competitive games. Your elo will fluctuate up and down based on wins and losses. To check your Battalion 1944 competitive elo enter your FACEIT name below.
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Battalion 1944’s competitive elo is based on wins and losses. When you start a competitive match both teams elo will be totaled with one team normally being the favored team. If you are favored to win the match, and win, you will gain less elo than if you were the underdog or if the match was completely even. The same works for the underdog; if you are the underdog and win the match you will gain more elo than if the match was even or if you were favored to win.

It is believed that new players start off with around 1,000 elo. Based on your matches you will go up or down and be given a level. Each level has a range, with 10 being the best and 1 being the worst. Below is a breakdown of elo per level for Battalion 1944.

FACEIT Elo Rankings
FACEIT Elo Rankings

You can also find your elo in the FACEIT client or on the FACEIT website. Once you are logged into FACEIT you will want to click the “Dashboard” button. Once you have clicked “Dashboard” you should see an “Elo” and then a number in the right column. This elo is delayed, and only updates every 30 minutes or so. To get a real time elo stat use the form above, it updates approximately 1 minute after each match is finished.

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