Apex Legends Elite Queue Circle Damage Updated

Apex Legends Circle Damage Update

The circle damage values have changed for Apex Legend’s elite queue. After listening to players feedback Apex Legends developers have decided to reduce the amount of damage players took from the first storm. Originally, the first circle would cost a player 15% of their health per tick. After the June 13, 2019 elite queue update players in the first circle will only take 7% damage per tick.

This seemingly minor change will allow players to stay in the first circle longer. In turn, this won’t force everybody to the center of the map as fast, and allow for longer looting at the beginning of games. Those death crates that were just outside of the circle will now be obtainable, along with less rush to head towards the center of the circle.

Apex Legends Circle Damage Values:

  • First Circle: 7% damage per tick
  • Second Circle: 15% damage per tick
  • Third Circle: 20% damage per tick
  • Remaining Circles: 25% damage per tick

Based on the new damage values, the time you can spend in the zone if entering with full health can be calculated. If you enter the circle at full health you can stay in each circle for the following amounts of time:

Apex Legends Time in Circle Before Elimination:

  • First Circle: 15 seconds
  • Second Circle: 10 seconds
  • Third Circle: 7 seconds
  • Remaining Circles: 5 seconds

The circle damage changes were initially posted to Reddit, noting that the damage values would be changing at 4:00 PM PST on June 13, 2019. Within the discussion of the damage values, Jay_Respawn (Apex Legends Community Manager) noted that the Apex Legends developers will be closely monitor how the changes effect game play and will make changes if necessary.

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