Biggest Esports Teams by Social Media Following

Esports is becoming more and more popular by the day. With the recent influx of sponsorships, partnerships, media coverage and more; esports organizations are bigger now than ever. This year we saw many of the massive esports organizations partner with major investors to grab their spot in some of esports most lucrative markets. We saw national teams go international.

There are many factors that go into place when determining the “biggest esports team” – earnings, numbers of teams in different titles, social media following, employees and so on. This is just one way to look at each esports teams size by comparing social media followers. Currently we are comparing Twitter followers, Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers and Twitch followers.

Please keep in mind that many of these organizations have secondary brands that they own. For now, we are only tracking the primary accounts for each esports organization. Twitch followers is based upon the main Twitch account for the respective organization, not the total followers of the team. If you would like to see your favorite organization added to the list leave it in a comment below.

This data is live, and pulled from the respective properties API. We will be adding more social media platforms as we gain access to the APIs.

Biggest Esports Teams:

Rank Image Team
1FaZe Clan Social Media Following FaZe Clan3,713,6265,903,5996,490,681447,736126,97816,682,620
2Team SoloMid Social Media Following Team SoloMid1,975,6352,580,4292,074,198535,3115487,166,121
3OpTic Gaming Social Media Following OpTic Gaming3,296,444679,7161,471,644213,461218,3125,879,577
4FNATIC Social Media Following FNATIC1,213,756855,748453,7822,576,43331,9845,131,703
5Natus Vincere Social Media Following Natus Vincere473,594509,0016,3851,864,2861,9672,855,233
6NiP Gaming Social Media Following NiP Gaming542,654312,475276,8551,171,17418,5272,321,685
7Cloud9 Social Media Following Cloud9772,516447,120339,844612,19217,4432,189,115
8Team Liquid Social Media Following Team Liquid471,248604,282277,274757,2657,6662,117,735
9Pain Gaming Social Media Following Pain Gaming385,680253,321577,422593,263111,9591,921,645
10G2 Esports Social Media Following G2 Esports460,224423,623191,074257,9078,2761,341,104
11Virtus Pro Social Media Following Virtus Pro227,251309,399239,428492,8592,0151,270,952
12Evil Geniuses Social Media Following Evil Geniuses495,114142,833109,767411,73815,1521,174,604
13Team Envy Social Media Following Team Envy546,433165,014273,46465,94918,1181,068,978
14OG Esports Social Media Following OG Esports498,952149,91835,100169,2060853,176
15100 Thieves Social Media Following 100 Thieves354,590115,081305,91516,76418,885811,235
16Counter Logic Gaming Social Media Following Counter Logic Gaming396,21899,61077,961225,5144,756804,059
17Team Dignitas Social Media Following Team Dignitas237,52215,94356,243373,91213,144696,764
18Luminosity Social Media Following Luminosity329,41450,87566,325171,38876618,078
19compLexity Social Media Following compLexity233,18235,13464,879196,65827,305557,158
20Echo Fox Social Media Following Echo Fox94,66230,98620,596120,7275,501272,472
21Splyce Social Media Following Splyce80,16721,27412,32227,9851,773143,521
22Gen.G Social Media Following Gen.G21,8769,47335,6069,4933,88780,335
23Pittsburgh Knights Social Media Following Pittsburgh Knights29,2365,6106,8155,69912,13559,495
24eUnited Social Media Following eUnited024,42118,3208,415051,156
25Team Reciprocity Social Media Following Team Reciprocity22,2265,7744,4973931,77034,660
Last Updated: 05/20/2019 - This table updates periodically throughout the day. The data displayed are the averages for the entire day. To see a more exact count and detailed view please click on the organisations name.


Things to come…

  • More Teams
  • Switching Twitch followers from the main channel to all team member followers (or keeping both)
  • Facebook “Likes” – Still buggy pending Facebook API Access.
  • Subreddit Subscribers
  • Saving data monthly to compare growth – Saving data just need a larger data set now to compare.
  • Sortable table



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21 Responses

  1. danny veight says:

    uhh where is “TheSpraugs” ? they have more of a following then some teams listed and have won more tournaments….

  2. Gufis says:

    There is no Team Empire here. They have 907k on Facebook and 221k on Twitter, 66k on Insta, 56k on YouTube (I guess it would be near top-10)

  3. Austin "OxiWun" Ingram says:

    Hey Cord! I love the article and stats, just wanted to let you know NaVi’s YouTube numbers have improved significantly since the chart was last updated!

  4. dans says:

    What about paiN Gaming? A brazilian org with 600k in Facebook, 241k on Instagram, 562k on YouTube, 112k Twitch and 378k on Twitter. Total is 1.893.000 (possible top9?)

  5. Felix Müller says:

    What about Schalke 04 eSports

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