Biggest Call of Duty Esports Players by Social Media Following

Call of Duty has been played competitively since the very first Call of Duty was released in 2003. Since it’s release Call of Duty has gone on to be one of the most successful games in video game history. Tournaments were hosted all over the world as a way to prove who had the best Call of Duty team. As tournaments began to increase in popularity so did the prize pools and amount of competition.

In 2013 Call of Duty hosted the first Call of Duty Champs. The tournaments featured then top title Black Ops 2, and boasted a total prize pool of $1 million. Of the $1 million the first place winner Fariko Impact claimed $400,000. Since the first Call of Duty Champs the esports scene for Call of Duty has grown immensely, and at times appeared to have died all depending on how likable the game was. One thing that remains certain, is that the personalities derived from Call of Duty have some of the biggest social media followings of any esport. Here are some of the largest personalities that are currently still competing in Call of Duty esports.

Biggest Call of Duty Esports Players by Social Media Following:

1Seth Abner Social Media Following"Scump" - Seth Abner OpTic Gaming2,096,017478,1572,426,449611,6295,612,252
2Ian Porter Social Media Following"Crimsix" - Ian Porter OpTic Gaming825,095201,666625,616293,0321,945,409
3Matthew Piper Social Media Following"FormaL" - Matthew Piper Luminosity843,89176,072270,139311,7071,501,809
4James Eubanks Social Media Following"Clayster" - James Eubanks eUnited705,387268,389287,234197,8351,458,845
5Damon Barlow Social Media Following"Karma" - Damon Barlow OpTic Gaming638,248247261,390331,1871,231,072
6Dillon Price Social Media Following"Attach" - Dillon Price FaZe Clan389,729181,709214,239170,345956,022
7Thomas Paparatto Social Media Following"ZooMaa" - Thomas Paparatto FaZe Clan339,691140,10236,63589,944606,372
8Christopher Duarte Social Media Following"Parasite" - Christopher Duarte Pittsburgh Knights322,3588,92771,735192,462595,482
9Jordan Kaplan Social Media Following"JKap" - Jordan Kaplan eUnited328,83538,11898,859112,407578,219
10Bryan Zhelyazkov Social Media Following"Apathy" - Bryan Zhelyazkov Team Envy234,15940,806115,695104,665495,325
11Patrick Price Social Media Following"Aches" - Patrick Price Team Envy305,6553,08112,81887,333408,887
12Ian Wyatt Social Media Following"Enable" - Ian Wyatt 100 Thieves261,60992,5026,51914,726375,356
13Brandon Otell Social Media Following"Dashy" - Brandon Otell OpTic Gaming107,160049,361125,800282,321
14Thomas Haly Social Media Following"TJHaly" - Thomas Haly OpTic Gaming120,7360087,031207,767
15Sam Larew Social Media Following"Octane" - Sam Larew 100 Thieves100,532016,53046,817163,879
16Johnathon Perez Social Media Following"John" - Johnathon Perez Luminosity119,182010,38512,378141,945
17Austin Liddicoat Social Media Following"Slasher" - Austin Liddicoat 100 Thieves121,5890012,062133,651
18Kenny Williams Social Media Following"Kenny" - Kenny Williams 100 Thieves59,31711,6552,31338,504111,789
19Peirce Hillman Social Media Following"Gunless" - Peirce Hillman Luminosity42,146007,35649,502
Stats Last Updated: 03/21/2019 | More Players being added daily.

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